Busy belgian at work.

Thomas here. I’m a software developer living in Montreal.
I took a photo of a bear that became famous on Unsplash and was published. Formely at Crew, Automat.




Some of us here in QC, Canada think our premier can make questionable decisions over the pandemic. I thought we could all use a good laugh while we're all stuck at home. Spoiler: it's in french.


Experimenting with canvas and SVG animations. Configure your own AI assistant's avatar.

unsplash.com2020 - Present

The internet’s source of freely-usable images. Powered by creators everywhere.

automat.ai2017 - 2020

Design your conversational marketing bot and deploy it on platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Slack.

crew.co2014 - 2017

Crew was a digital marketplace that's matching project owners and freelancers together. Acquired by Dribbble.


Find out in less than a minute how much costs a mobile app to make. HMTMAA was build around the idea of giving the ability of estimating a project before submitting it to any agency. It was based on the current market's estimations used at Crew.

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Learn why user-defined type guards can't be unsafe and how to write safer ones.


TypeScript supports different ways of importing values into another module. One of the way we're going to talk about here is the "namespace import" syntax.

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